The FDC Booming Before the election

Shakib Khan, Bubly, Ferdous,Purnima, Arefin Shuvo

The FDC, which is known as the movie auditorium, is now more interested in the shooting of television channels. Another thing is common, the shooting of Shakib Khan in the FDC means that this area is very crowded. And together shooting of several films together, here is the incident like Eid moon. The presence of popular heroes and fans in the FDC is not due to shooting now, but due to various types of events in different organizations of the film. But yesterday was a totally opposite image on Saturday.

Shakib Khan’s shooting was also in the movie, along with the country’s famous filmmaker Champa Shooting at one time. Fadis has been busy busy shooting for the movie in FDs, all the famous stars like Ferdous, Purnima, Arifin Shuvo, Mahia Mahie and Bublee have passed. In the shooting of three films together, the entire FDC can be killed.


A set of spectacular sets were made for the item song shooting of ‘Avatar’ movie on the 4th floor. While the shooting of the film ended, the song was shot. Mahia Mahike was seen taking part in the shooting of this song. Mahike was seen in an item titled ‘Fire 2’, titled ‘Magic Mamni’. In front of the audience, the filmmaker will come in ‘Rangila Baby’. The shooting will end on Sunday, according to director Hasan Shikder.

From Thursday onwards, the filming began on Jasim Floor, Shakib Khan and Bubali acted ‘little love need’ photo. The work of the lot ended on Saturday at 11pm. After four o’clock in the afternoon Shakib Khan was in the set from the morning Bubli was in the set. Director Shaheen Suman said, “There is still more than half of the work left out of the film. In front of the selection, so it will not be possible to do the work of the picture anymore. After the selection, we will start working on a new schedule. ‘


It seemed strange that the entire area was in front of the administrative building. If you bring someone close to your eyes and think that you have left, he has come to Jam on a road in Dhaka. Actually, director Naeem Imtiaz Neamul organized such bus, truck, private car, CNG driven auto-rickshaw to shoot his new movie ‘Jam’. Shooting at the bottom of the shooting said, “Shooting on the busy street of the city is very difficult to shoot with the popular hero and heroine. Many people are also wasted due to the crowd of ordinary people. Therefore, I have built the busiest road in the city of FDC, I have created a lot of different types of cars in the street and jam’s atmosphere.


The Bangladesh Film Development Corporation (FDC) has not seen such kind of scenes for a long time. According to them, the FDC’s environment in film shooting is actually the same. This area has a lot of shooting in the movie. Gundie director Saeed Ahmed did not make the picture as usual but came the regular FDC. Chat. Talk to older colleagues about various movies. He said, ‘After a long time, it is very good to see many shooting in the FDC. The FDC was back in the zodiac. I hope that every floor and all the outer space will be shooting

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