Selena Gomez is not Good

The mind is not good musician Selena Gomez The musician has visited the hospital two times in the last few weeks. In this he was mentally broken. He plans to go to the psychiatrist soon.


Selena’s white blood cell count has been found less frequently in every hospital treatment. This side effect of kidney transplantation can be seen. Because of this, Selena was mentally upset for several weeks. Being twice in the hospital, he became very terrified. His closest people say that Selena has understood that the family needs help from her for this mental upset. The family members were standing beside him, helping him. Now, Selena’s condition is better than before and psychiatric treatment will soon be rehabilitated.


After announcing the breakup of his mentally broken social networking media. However, Selena’s mental illness has not been diagnosed earlier this year. Even before that, he took a break from the song due to depression, depression and anxiety. Many people think that recently, the marriage of Heyli Boldwin with ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber may also be a cause for his mental agony.


In May last year, kidneys were replaced by Selena’s body. For some time Seela kept the secret of her surgery secret. In September last year, he announced that he had to replace his kidneys due to lupus infection. Girlfriend actress Francia Risa donated a kidney to him. People

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