Sarah Ali Khan in Fathers Movie Sequel

In 2009, the romantic comedy ‘Love Aaj Kal’ starring Bollywood Nawab Saif Ali Khan and Halle’s most popular women’s superstar Deepika Padukone. It operated by Imtiaz Ali. The box office earning of the film costing Tk 50 crore was Tk 120 crore. The reason for which superhit hit was taken on the film.

But these are the old news. The new news is that, after nine years, the announcement of making the sequel of the super hit, director Imtiaz Ali. He also said that he will start the new project with the daughter of Saif Ali Khan, the daughter of the first one, Sarah Ali Khan. Kartik Aryan, rising star, will be the hero against Sarah. Sara and Kartik are going to be tied on the silver screen for the first time through ‘Love Today Kal 2’.

This year, Sarah has made her debut in Bollywood by ‘Kedarnath’. It was released on December 8th across India. Though the film could not do as expected, it was widely acclaimed that Sara and his protagonist Sushant Singh Rajput’s acting. Meanwhile, there is another picture of the heroine waiting for the release of ‘Simba’. He played opposite Ranbir Singh in this. This picture is about to be released on December 28

In the meantime, he got the good news of his father Saif’s sequel. Now Kartik gets all the hero as the hero. In an interview some days ago, the heroine had openly told herself about the crash of this Kartik. He said, he wants to go to date with Kartik. Now the Kartikake as the film’s hero. Therefore, it is now possible to predict that the chemistry of Kartik-Sara screen will be late, which is why the audience will be able to guess now.

Recently, on a prize giving ceremony, Kartik introduced Sarah with his ‘Simba’ film hero Ranbir Singh. Kartik walked in Bollywood in 2011. It was only a five-minute welcome speech in the movie ‘Peer Ka Panchamama’ released in that year. Later in 2013, he starred in the movie ‘Akash Bani’ and in the movie ‘Scissors: The Unbreakable’ in 2014. So far, half a dozen movies have seen Kartik in the career

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