Dushman-e-Jann is a soap opera crime drama series which is airing on ARY Digital. This amazing drama is written by Sarwat Nazir, directed by Amin Iqbal and produced by Humayun Saeed and Shahzad Nasib under the banner of Six Sigma Entertainment plus Productions.

The cast of Dushman e Jann are Mohib Mirza, Tooba Siddiqui, Madiha Imam, Saba Hameed, Irfan Khosat, Mohsin Gillani, Kashif Mehmood and others. The story of Dushman e jaan revolves around the Mohib Mirza (Hatim), Tooba Siddiqui (Ramsha) and Madiha Imam (Rubab).

Dushman e Jaan’s story is in the underlying stages, consequently every scene has a great deal to offer on the grounds that the plot and characters are being set up. It is the sort of show which has overwhelmed the watchers due to the unforeseen turns and turns that tagged along.

It is promising to be increasingly extraordinary intense and engaging.

You can listen to the amazing OST of this drama here:

This arrangement of scenes of Dushman e Jaan was holding and intriguing. It is a help that the pace of the story and dramatization isn’t a worry right now. The story is advancing and keeps on creating with each passing scene.

It is intriguing to take note of how every arrangement of scenes center around one part of the story, which shows that a sweet time is being given to specific turns of events. Up until this point, Dushman e Jaan has kept on dazzling

It is straightforward however has its serious and holding minutes. The vast majority of the occasions the contents that are straight-forward and have a couple of characters with solid characters are sufficient to click with the crowd and snatch their advantage. Dushman e Jaan’s most grounded focuses are the turns and the turns that nobody saw coming that too in the underlying scenes.

From this stage forward, the story will get unsurprising with Hatim and Rubab going over one another, yet the plot has been set up in such a way, that it is now going to keep the watchers snared in light of the fact that there happens to be an observer who will in the end reveal Hatim’s indirect involvement in Ramsha’s demise.

Dushman e Jaan has offered a great deal to watchers in the underlying scenes, there are some sweet minutes shared by siblings, some cruel ones shared by the despondent couple. The downturn of a man who is currently left with only expression of grief and he knows how his activities have prompted an innocuous young lady losing her life.

The more Hatim finds out about Ramsha and her battles for her family, the more he gets himself blame stricken. The author has handily demonstrated the effect the relationship of the guardians and house elements leave on a kid and how it at that point influences others and the general public by and large.

If still you are not watching this drama you must start this drama. Dushman e jann is an amazing drama serial and going to be a hit drama of 2020.

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