The FDC Booming Before the election

Shakib Khan, Bubly, Ferdous,Purnima, Arefin Shuvo

The FDC, which is known as the movie auditorium, is now more interested in the shooting of television channels. Another thing is common, the shooting of Shakib Khan in the FDC means that this area is very crowded. And together shooting of several films together, here is the incident like Eid moon. The presence of popular heroes and fans in the FDC is not due to shooting now, but due to various types of events in different organizations of the film. But yesterday was a totally opposite image on Saturday.…

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We Should Learn “Divorce”: It Doesn’t Mean The End of Love

We should learn “Divorce”: It Doesn’t Mean the End of “Love” “What would happen if this does not end in the way So You.” The song of the famous song is certainly not unknown to anyone. Hemant Mukhopadhyay and Shandhya Mukhopadhyaya the lips were mixed by Uttam Kumar and Suchitra Sen. Marriage in marriage, the separation of marriage. Many of the stars are married to love. Neglect about it, the separation at the end. Ever did not think we could go the same way? Maybe it seems. If there is…

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